We are experts in Student-Housing, Multifamily, Hotel, and Senior-Housing projects. All we do is multiple dwelling unit work.

We are designed to provide the services you need.

We travel with our customers wherever they build in the United States. Where would you like to build?

We Design.

We work with the Developer to assist the project-team in achieving the most practical and cost effective build.

We work within your budget.

Our buying power, production systems, and design solutions allow us keep costs down without sacrificing quality. That’s the bottom line.

We Design-build.

We only work with the Best Mechanical Engineers in the industry. JFN’s Project Managers are proficient in Revit (BIM) and CAD, and seamlessly work with your design and build team. We use State of the Art Technology to ensure everything from accuracy in the field, to identifying and eliminating potential future clashes through Virtual Construction.

We only build quality.

JFN is a production company and operates in a very efficient manner, but quality is just as important to us as it is to you. Doing things right is a big part of who we are – a big reason 90% of our work comes from repeat business.

We Build.

We are contractors. Period. Our purpose is to build and execute our scope of work to our customer’s specification. Providing design assistance is only a compliment to what we do as a company.

We make safety our top priority.

JFN understands you are in the risk mitigation business. JFN completes its scope of work in the safest manner possible, enforces rigorous safety guidelines and allocates significant resources towards keeping our employees and workplace safe.

We work as a team.

Our common goal is to be successful in delivering a product. We maintain a high level of communication at all times to ensure a safe and efficient experience for all parties involved.

We work within your schedule.

JFN prides itself in setting the pace for our projects. We understand production work and how to provide adequate and trained manpower when and where needed to get the job done.

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